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Hey, I am the Ticket Maker, kukuba. I design tickets all day and take care that every ticket is perfect. I started generating tickets 3013 days back.
I have generated 25 Tickets today. I am looking to make more Tickets!
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Game Name This will be printed on every Ticket. If you are organizing Bingo Event having some name you can use this option to print a Game/Event Name on Every Ticket.
You can leave this field BLANK also
Bingo Name A 5 lettered word to be used in each of the 5 columns for 5x5 Bingo.
You cannot leave this field BLANK
Number of Tickets x3 for Generate Strict
Ticket Type
Free Space Choose this option if you want to include Free Space
Starting Ticket Number
Print Ticket ID Choose this option if you want to have Ticket Nos. on Tickets (Optional)
Ticket Width px Specify Ticket Width (in pixels)
Custom Theme
Ticket Color
Save Mode Do you want just copy, then choose Don't Save. If you want to export, then choose Word or CSV

Sample Bingo Ticket

  1. Game Name (Optional)
  2. Bingo Name
  3. Ticket ID (Optional)
  4. Color (Optional)
  5. Width of Ticket
  6. Free Zone (optional)