Baby Shower Outburst in Outburst | Code: list871

Baby Shower Outburst
Baby Shower Outburst
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Baby Shower Outburst

code: list871
theme: Baby Shower
tags: Ladies, Pregnant, Baby, Baby Shower
product: Outburst (Paper Games)A master/category key word along with other words are present on a card. Teams are formed. Host or member of other team announces master keyword. The team has to identify all words on the card.
These words are related to master keyword based on category of master keyword. These are theme based cards.
Team players say words one by one. If word is present on card then host strikes the name on card. Winner is the team which identifies all the words in least time. Other criteria could be team with most success rate i.e. minimum words used to identify all names.

occasions: Baby Shower, Godh Bharai
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Code: list871
Size: 4.4 x 3.7 Inches
C:Coloured | L:English | SH:Rectangle | ST:Thick Paper
Condition: New |
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category: Family Event
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grid size: Others
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people: Couple, Ladies
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Baby Shower Outburst
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