Janam Patrika Alphabet Strike 1 in Alphabet Strike | Code: list3005

Janam Patrika Alphabet Strike 1
Janam Patrika Alphabet Strike 1
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code: list3005
theme: Astrology
tags: Astrology, Janam Patrika, Future, Kundli
product: Alphabet Strike (Kukuba)A number based game similar to tambola housie. 26 numbers are present on card along with an alphabet. Each alphabet is present only once. Some words are given on right. These are theme based words.

Host call numbers randomly. If a number is present on a player's card then player strikes corresponding alphabet from the words provided on right.

Prizes could be striking all alphabets of a word, all words, all vowels, all consonants etc.
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Janam Patrika Alphabet Strike 1
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