Pass the Parcel Baby Shower in Pass the Parcel | Code: list882

Pass the Parcel Baby Shower
Pass the Parcel Baby Shower
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Pass the Parcel Baby Shower

code: list882
theme: Baby Shower
tags: Baby, Baby Shower, Parcel
product: Pass the Parcel (Activity Cards)Instructions are written on chits of paper. These chits can be placed in a bowl or pasted (with little glue) on parcel. Host hand over bowl/parcel to one of the guests at random. Guest picks up a slip and read it. She follows the instruction. Bowl/Parcel is passed onto someone. This next person picks a slip and do as per instruction. Same process is repeated till bowl is empty. Person who is pointed out at the end is winner.
occasions: Baby Shower
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Code: list882
Size: 4.4 x 3.7 Inches
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Pass the Parcel Baby Shower
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