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Rain Combo Kukuba 1
Rain Combo Kukuba 1
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Whenever monsoon hits the country , it is the favourite theme of parties these days. We all love to see the rainbow after the rain and love the rainy season too. So it's party time. Why not play with these beautiful rainy season special word based tambola tickets. This is a mix of word plus number tambola and is really enjoyable to play.

code: list1349
theme: Rainy Season
tags: Rain
product: Combo Kukuba (Kukuba)Numbers (0-9) are assigned to terms (generally theme based terms). Combination of Terms (or single term) are announced. Players have to make number from the announced term(s) and strike out on their cards. E.g. different colours are given numbers. Red-1, Blue-2, Green-3 and so on. Host announces Red-Blue, this means number formed from these terms is 12. Players have to strike 12 on their cards if it is present.
occasions: Rainy
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Code: list1349
Size: 6 x 4.2 Inches
C:Coloured | L:English | SH:Rectangle | ST:Thick Paper
legend: C: Color | L: Language | SH: Shape | ST: Stuff
how to play: 1)These tambola tickets basically form a part of a word tambola where along with the tickets you would get a board which has numbers and the list of all possible combinations.
2) Host will call out a combination term and players have to make number from the announced term(s) and strike out on their cards. For example, Host says Baarish Megha then the players have to check their ticket to make number 31 and strike it if it is on their card.
3) The first one to cross out the numbers of the dividends will call out for prize.
dividends: Dividends are same as that of normal tambola games such as early 5, 3 lines, house, corners and more. Some dividends could be based on combination of 2 tickets or components. To add that teej fun, you can ask members to sing a monsoon related song whenever they win a prize.
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matrix: 9x3
numbers: 90
grid size: tickets_90_9x3_15
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Rain Combo Kukuba 1
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