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Postcard kukuba 1

Postcard kukuba 1
Hamare Zamanre Mein kukuba 1

Hamare Zamanre Mein kukuba 1
5.6 - 10
tag(s): Time, Classic, Era, Generation, Age

status: ecommerce
Classic Oval Boxes

Classic tambola housie cards with oval/easter eggs shapes. Numbers are placed on ovals. Classic housie has rectangular grid with numbers in rectangle cells. Oval shaped cue boxes are here to make it interesting again if you are bored with regular classic cards.
Tambola Housie Board 2

Classic Tambola Housie Board with random numbers. Compact size board can be used as use and throw board. Host can call numbers in given sequence or randomly. Numbers are provided randomly so that it becomes easy for host to call numbers without thinking on which number to call next.
Retro kukuba 4

Retro Anywhere 4
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