Hubby Pet Names (Adult Party)

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Hubby Pet Names
This is a couple game having funny hubby pet names. This game includes tambola tickets which makes the game more curious.
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1. First of all the host have to call every member on chair around the table.
2. Then she has to give every member one sheet having 10 coloumns and 3 rows like bingo ticket and 1 pen.

3. Then they have to write 15 hubby names, 5 in one row in any coloumn for eg.Sweetheart, Prince Charming, Rockstar, Romeo, Tiger, Angel, Baby, Bad boy, Big guy, Cutie pie, Darling, Dear heart, Handsome, Heart throb, Hero, Honey, Honey buns, Ice man, Iron man, Lover, Lovey, Mr. Perfect, Mr. Right, Mr. Cool, My Dear Boy, My Love, Sweety Boy etc...

4. Then they to write that names in slips also and put them in bowl and mix the slips of everyone.

5. Then the caller has to Start drawing the chits from the bowl and call out the name.

6.Caller is supposed to write on a piece of paper all the names which is calling out for verification. Those who are having that particular name can strike it on their tambola ticket.

7. Game ends when all the prizes are successfully claimed.
There is a probability that lot of duplicate names chits in the bowl so in that case if that name has already been cut, ignore that chit and draw the next chit.
1. The host have to arrange one sheet and paper for every member.
2. Host have to arrange one gift for the winner.
This game is like tambola. Game ends when all the prizes are successfully claimed.
other names:
Tambola with pet names.
level: Easy
cost: Low
level: Easy
duration: Upto 15 Minutes
age group: 21 to 45
people: Ladies
group: 12 to 25
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