Makar Sankranti Theme Kitty Party Decoration And Invitation Ideas (Adult Party)

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Makar Sankranti Theme Kitty Party Decoration And Invitation Ideas
Makar Sankranti is a festival of joy and fun and including it as your Kitty Party theme would certainly be a great idea. Flying the kites high in the sky is very fun filled and exciting. You should decorate the playing area with the related things of makar sankranti.
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# Makar Sankranti Theme Kitty Party Decorations:-

For the Makar Sankranti theme kitty party, or any other interesting kitty party themes you don’t just need the suitable Party Games but you also must decorate your party hall with colorful kites and colorful dupattas. It will denote the fun of the festival. You can also cover the table with colorful mats and make some rangoli on the party hall floor to relate the decoration with the Makar Sankranti theme of kitty party.

# Makar Sankranti Theme Kitty Party Cuisine:-

Makar Sankranti has some of its special delicacies you can add them all in your Makar Sankranti theme kitty party. Some of the major cuisines that you can include in your kitty party are Khichu, Till ke laddo, Undhyu, Methi muthiya etc. You can find all these recipes in the Party Cuisine section. Pay you complete attention on cuisine also along with making good and exciting party games for kitty party.

# Makar Sankranti Theme Kitty Party Invitation Idea:-

For the makar sankranti theme kitty party, you can make kite shape cards from colored sheets and write some beautiful invitation wording for makar sankranti theme and tie a string to it like kite. This will suit the theme best.
Decoration Requirements :-

1. Kites
2. Colorful dupattas
3. Rangoli colors

Invitation Requirements:-

1. Colorful sheets
2. scissors
3. Markers
4. string/ribbons
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level: Easy
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level: Easy
duration: Upto 20 Minutes
age group: 21 to 45
group: 12 to 25
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