Mughal Theme Kitty Party Invitation And Decoration Ideas (All)

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Mughal Theme Kitty Party Invitation And Decoration Ideas
This is one of the unique theme for kitty parties. The idea we have shared for mughal theme will make the party interesting. Now a days everyone want some new and exciting parties. This idea will suit the theme best.
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# The Invitations for Mughals Party Theme Ideas:-

The Invitations can be computer printed with the photographs of Royal Nawabs and Mughals in the backdrop or handmade, using a lot of craft accessories. Accompany your cards with sweets, creatively packed in silver boxes, tissue, organza, satin with artificial flowers, zari motifs, ribbons etc The wordings can be Calling all the Baadshahs and the Begums The Prices and the Nawabs of the Sultanat To a ‘Lucknawi’ Theme party and have loads of fun .

# Decoration for Mughal Kitty Party Theme Ideas:-

You can actually create a traditional nawabi ambience in your living room easily by taking out all the expensive ethnic handloom stuff that you have. Place all the expensive artifacts and lamps that you have, in the party room that give a nawabi feel. Prefer a low seating arrangement complimented with bolsters and a lot of cushions. Keep the lights dim and use a lot of candles.

# Dress Code for Mughal Kitty Party Theme Ideas:-

Ask your guests to come dressed in Mughaliya attire like Chutridaar kurta pyjamas and stoles, Ghaghras and sarees with Chikan work with lots of Meenakari and kundan jewellery.
Invitation Requirements:-

1. Computer printed royal nawabs
2. Flowers, zari motifs, ribbons
3. Wording From internet
4. Sweets packed in silver boxes.

Decoration Requirements:-

1. Expensive handlooms stuff if have
2. Expensive lamps or decoration artifacts
3. Lots of cushions
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level: Moderate
cost: Medium
level: Easy
duration: Upto 20 Minutes
age group: 21 to 45
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group: 12 to 25
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