Kitty Party Games for Theme: Bajirao Mastani

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Theme: Bajirao Mastani
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This is an easy and interesting game for bollywood or mothers theme party game. In this game players have to write as many as names of mother daughter jodi’s in Bollywood
preparation: Easy
play: Easy

The Good part about this game is that you don't need any prior preparation. How to Play 1) Everyone should sit forming a circle. 2) The Game starts with letter A. The person who starts t he game has to say I am and then a word starting with A and everyone sitting in the circle have to say, I am..from the coming alphabets. For example, person 1 will say ..I am Anari, 2nd person will say I am Bad, 3rd will say I am Clever…and so on. The person who uses wrong alphabet or who takes time to say will be out of the game.
preparation: Very Easy
play: Easy

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