Kitty Party Games for Theme: Treasure

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Theme: Treasure
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This is a game for tapori theme party or can be played in any kind of party. In this game, host have to divide the guest in groups of three members each. Call one team at a time. As a team one member will first dodge the ball for 20 times and as soon as she is done next member will take out the coins from a pot which has many other things like buttons, stones, marbles etc. she has to take out 20 rs as soon as she is done the third member will target the balls with a catapult.
code: g1187
theme: Tapori, Treasure
category: Adult Party
type: Indoor Activities
genre: General | Kitty Party
people: Adults | Bachelor | Gents | Ladies | Teens
preparation: Easy
play: Easy

This is a very interesting game for christmas theme party game. In this game players have to find treasure hidden in sand.
preparation: Moderate
play: Easy

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