Tambola Tickets Duplicacy Checker

Check duplicates for Tambola Tickets

  • Steps
    • Download the Duplicacy Checker file
    • Open the file and then open Tickets sheet
    • Copy your Tickets in it in the given format
      • Replace only values in columns from Column B to Column J
      • Please make sure that you copy the ticket values in right rows
      • Now, Column M is being checked for Duplicacy.
  • Understanding
    • At top, number of Duplicates Count is shown
    • In Column L, it is shown if Ticket is Unique or Duplicate.
    • In Column M, each row value of a Ticket with certain text is concatenated.
    • If a duplicate is found, value in Column M is highlighted as red.
    • In Column L, a duplicated Ticket is written as Duplicate.

Click here to Download v2 in Excel (.xls) format (Size: 740864 bytes)
(deprecated) Click here to Download in Excel (.xls) format (Size: 313856 bytes)

URL /download/3
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