Ladies Kitty Party Games and Ideas

In kitty parties, women gather in a group for entertainment and to get away from their daily routine hectic schedules. The get-togethers include thrilling games, delicious food, decorations, dress code based on party theme and gossips. Gossips is one of the major attraction for such kitty parties and another major attraction is games which is considered the most exciting part and keep the guests engaged with fun. Moreover, the other activities make the guests and members of kitty party to come closer, communicate with each other and know each other better.

Exciting and interesting games, ideas and themes for kitty party, birthday party, kids parties and other get-togathers. Parties are organised by us to have fun and pass our time with enjoyment. There are various cools themes and party ideas presented here with some funny and entertaining games, which will make your party a huge hit. Some of the games you will find here are very easy and simple to implement and play and doesn't require any special preparations. The main ideas behind these games is to have enjoyment and fun.

Find below some new and exciting one minute games for your kitty party. While planning various games for your party, you must keep a few factors in mind like the age groups of the guests, gender of the guests and the space you are planning your party in. From the many games listed below you can select the games which suit you and your guests the most. You can add a twist to all the games and make them more interesting to play so that your guests can even enjoy them much more.

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