how to play kukuba

Kukuba cards are distributed to players. Organisor has kubas (i.e. shops) from 1-90 for kukuba classic (and 1-45 or 1-50 for kukuba short). Organisor picks up a Kuba (shop) randomly for closing and announces the shop name/number. Players have to close that Kuba (shop) in their colony (on the card). If Kuba (shop) is not present on the card, player doesn't have to do anything for kukuba classic (for other kukuba formats it may vary). Organisor at the start of game will tell which format of Kukuba they are playing and will distribute cards accordingly for that format. For the format being played, organisor will also tell winning criterias for the game like colony (house), street (rows) and crossing (corners) etc.

If a player closes all shops on a card i.e. for a colony, street, crossing or some other combination (as define at the start of game by organisor) then he/she has to shout kukuba. After this, organisor will verify the card with kukuba board (a city) if the player has won or not.