How to Play/Organise Tambola here?

  • Click on Play Tambola Online link
  • If you have already started a Game and want to continue that game then Enter Game Id and Game Key (this was generated when you created a new game.)
  • If you want to start a new Game then click Create New Game. This will generate a Game Id and Game Key. Save this combination as you will use this Game Id and Key combination to organise Game.
  • Now Generate few tickets for you users/audience
  • Cut and distribute these Tickets to them
  • Now login into game as a Organiser by using Game Id and corresponding Game Key
  • Now you need to call Cues i.e. Numbers by clicking on Call Next Cue
  • At any point in game you can check which numbers had already been called by going to Game Board
  • You can also view the sequence in which Number have been called out by going to Called Cues
  • At Game Board you can match a player's ticket in order to check if he has won or it is a boogie
  • After the game is over, you can click on Declare Game Over
  • Now, if you are organising game at one place, then you can show the screen on which you are calling the Cues to players
  • If you want that your players are playing at their home. Then ask these players to login using game id. By doing this, they will be able to see what Cues are being called out
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