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Bingo Rules

Someone has aptly described bingo as 'Community Lotto'! Bingo is a type of lottery game, which has a strong community appeal making it one of the most addictive and fun pastimes on the earth. What that started off as a woman's game has now made its way through the hearts of people from all age groups and sexes. In the recent times bingo has undergone a drastic makeover, and the advent of internet has only added to its popularity.

Learning how to play bingo is both easy and fun. The rules of the game are very simple: Players need to buy bingo cards before the game session kicks off. Each card is marked with a unique set of numbers, between 1 to 75. Each card has different numbers, so there are no duplicate cards in any bingo. Although each card is different, this doesn't guarantee only one winner in the game. The numbers are arranged in 5 columns labeled as B, I, N, G and O, with each column containing 5 numbers from a range of 15 numbers. In other words, 5 random numbers from 1 – 15 in B column, another 5 from 16 – 30 in I column, and so forth. There are total 24 numbers on each card, with a free square marked right at the center.

Once the game begins, the caller, a human counterpart of the automated number generator in online bingo, draw the numbers and call them out to the players. The players then mark off the corresponding numbers on their card, using a felt pen called dabber, as they are called. At some modern land-based bingo halls, bingo callers have been replaced by computers and random number generators.

The aim of the game is to match the numbers being called according to a predetermined pattern announced at the beginning of the game. These patterns may range from simple four corners, straight lines to modern shapes and coveralls. The first player to achieve the desired pattern wins the game. Winners make their claim by shouting BINGO and receive a prize.

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