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Bingo Strategy

Bingo is a game of chance, it is a game of people who believe in good luck charms, and wear lucky rabbit feet to the bingo hall. The only skill required in bingo is the ability to mark your cards and concenterate on numbers being called so as to be quick when you win.

Get more cards to Play on

One of the effective online bingo strategy is to buy extra cards, number depending on the prizr money. One can evaluate this by multiplying the price of a card with the total number of cards in game and the jackpot i.e. prize amount.

Four bingo cards are enough to increase you chances of winning. The chances can however alter depending on the number of opponents in the game, and the value of jackpot one is competing for. With more cards one need to very careful while marking numbers.

Choose cards that differ as much as possible when you have multiple cards

Buy cards that differ as much as possible and make sure that each card is unique with no similar numbers on the other cards. By avoiding the duplication, you better your odds of winning. If a number that repeats itself on more than one card doesn't show up, you have compromised the value of as many cards. Whats the logic? With spreading out the numbers one spreads out the risk, and thus stay in the game for long.

When playing with more cards, choose cards that are as similar as possible

This is opposite to the strategy mentioned above and suggests to pick cards that are as similar as possible. It also known as the number-concentration method. In this strategy if you select cards with similar numbers as possible, you can double or even triple up, every time you hit a number. When you buy cards with duplicate numbers, you're actually maximizing the benefit of each lucky strike.

Numbers are unpredictable and no bingo strategy can assure 100% win. Whether a strategy would work or not, depends largely on the player and the circumstances in which the game is taking place.

Look for Game with fewer players

While a game with fewer players means lesser prizes, it also means that you enjoy better chances of winning as compared to the bigger games with many players. Just a simple probability logic.

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