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creative ideas of decoration on the occasion of Baisakhi
Baisakhi is basically a spring harvest festival for the Sikhs. It marks as the Sikh new year. The day that celebrated as a thanksgiving day by farmers. This is the prominent festival for the Sikh's community. As you all know this is a vibrant or colourful festival so on this festival, Decoration should also be look colourful & attractive.H ere I have some ideas about how to decorate different areas with unique things.

- For ground decoration, Take some pots or matkas & put some big sticks of wheat & corns place it on the ground in between. keep One dhol, Kite, some sticks of leaves. To make it more traditional, Take orange & yellow colour flowers and place it around the wheat & corns and make a big circle with flowers.

- To make it more creative, Make such thing like a project of the village -Take a small table and cover it with a red cloth then put small glass of lassi on the table. Near to the table keep some matkas & plants as it is a spring harvest festival. Make one small Hut with cardboard as farmers live there in the village and Display it as the background of the whole project.

- For wall decoration, Take the different colour of charts, Make beautiful pictures of dhol, kite & turban (pagri),3-4 strings of corns & leaves. Now Take some flower's petals to make rangoli of OM sign or any of the religious sign as we are talking about the religious festival. Spread or place petals around the OM sign & have 4-5 diyas around the rangoli. It will look more effective by the flames of diya.

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