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Cup to Cup
Summary: Cup to Cup involves passing small object down a line of players. Ages: From 3 to 10

Recommended Number of Players: Between 6 and 20

Equipment: One plastic cup per player Small items that will fit in the plastic cups

Set Up: No prior set-up required

How to Play: Each player is given a plastic cup and players form into 2 teams. Each team sits in a line, side by side, facing the other team. A collection of small items are placed at the end of each team, next to the first player. These small items might include erasers, magnets, coins, wrapped candy; these should be things that are small enough to fit inside the plastic cups. The object of the race is to see which team can pass each item down the line from cup-to-cup the quickest. Each item must be passed one at a time, and the next item can only be picked up once the first item has reached the end of the line. No hands can touch the objects, expect for the 1st player who has to pick up new items, and if an item is dropped and needs to be put back into the cup ? although for older kids, no hands at all might be an added challenge!

Winner: The team that gets all their items to the end of the line first wins.
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