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Das Ganus bath In Prayag
India is not only rich in its tradition, culture and religious beliefs but also has numerous Holy places. One of these is Prayag situated on the banks of the river Ganga in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the point where the waters of the three Holy rivers Ganga. Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati merge into one. For Hindus this is a very holy place and numerous people go to Prayag to have a bath in the holy union of the waters.

Das Ganu an ardent devotee of Baba decided that he too should go to Prayag to have a bath in the Holy waters. Before leaving he went to Baba to ask for his permission to leave. Baba in his soft and meaningful words told Ganu that he needn't go that far, 'Our Prayag is here, believe me'. Baba's words were enough for Ganu and he humbly put his head on Baba's feet and Wonder of wonders! the Holy Ganga and the Holy Yamuna started flowing from Baba's toes.

Who won't be and so was Ganu, overwhelmed by this miracle. Tears started flowing and feelings of love admiration and devotion took over. He felt inwardly inspired; Baba had shown him that His words were true, 'Prayag is here' Das Ganu did not have to go anywhere.

Das Ganu started singing the praises of Baba, his Leelas and his greatness.
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