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Greedy fox
It was deep mid-winter and Freddie the Fox was very, very hungry. 'Where am I going to find something to eat?' he wailed to himself. But as he passed a big oak tree his nose twitched. He could smell something delicious. Inside a hollow in the trunk was some bread and meat that a shepherd had left there. Freddie crept inside, and he ate and he ate and he ate. 'Marvelous,' he said, licking his lips when he'd finished the very last crumb. But what do you think happened? He was now so fat he couldn't get out again! He squeezed… and he squozed… and he squerged… but it was no good. He was stuck fast. 'Tee-hee-hee,' laughed a passing bee. 'You'll just have to stay there until you get thin again.' And by the time Freddie got out he was hungry as before!

A splinter from the picture pierced his hand and the wound turned poisonous. The young man died, and the king's nightmare came true.
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