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Holi Theme Decoration
The festival of colours and lots of enjoyment is just around the corner. Holi is the bright and vibrant festival when people come out of their house and play with colours to celebrate spring. So, to bring this energy inside our house our room decorations must be bright and colorful. So,
# Theme should be related to your dress code like your dress code is white & green so, in corners of the hall, you can make small circle with two colours alternatively ( first white circle & second green circle ).
# you can make simple rangoli with flower's petals.
# Place some matkis make some handprints (small & Big) of different colours.
# Make some pictures related to holi theme like Dhol, Bucket full of colours, water gun (Pichkari) , Handprints, balloons, plate full of colours & paste it somewhere in hall.
# For garden decoration, Place a table in center & cover it with white cloth then paste different colours of balloons in every side of table where you can place all the holi colours in bowl or plate. & For sitting arrangement in garden chairs with yellow cover. In every sides of garden, you can place buckets full of water balloons & in between some plants. It will look much attractive.
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