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Honest Birbal
The stories of Akbar and Birbal are very fascinating. Some of the anecdotes simply force us to appreciate Birbal?s quick wit and wisdom. Birbal was also famous for his ?quick on the feet thinking? and common sense. He was master at handling routine affairs that used to come in the court. The King often used to turn to him in case of certain problems. Birbal was also famous for his knowledge and intelligence. He had an honest reputation and because of all these reasons King was very fond of him. One story that gives us a glimpse into bold, witty and honest nature of Birbal goes like this; One fine day, both Emperor Akbar and Birbal were discussing different vegetables and their qualities. When it came to the humble brinjal, the King opined that it is a very nutritious and delicious vegetable. Akbar was expecting some interesting repartee from Birbal but the latter surprised him with his response. Birbal was in full agreement with the King and said, it is the best vegetable. Birbal was so excited about brinjal that he even sang two songs in praise of the vegetable. At that time, the King did not respond anything. After a few days, Birbal was having lunch at the palace along with the Emperor. The royal chef had cooked brinjal curry for lunch but when it was served to the King he refused and instead ordered it to be served to Birbal. King also said that brinjal is a tasteless and stale vegetable that lacks any sort of nutrition. To his utter surprise, Birbal also refused it saying, it?s not at all a good vegetable. Akbar was puzzled and asked Birbal about his changed opinion in a matter of few days. Birbal in all his honesty replied, ?yes, I had praised brinjal only because my king had also praised it and now I am criticising it just because you did the same. The reason is, I am loyal to you and not to the brinjal. No matter what is my opinion about the brinjal it cannot make me a minister or cannot reward me the way my King does. I am your obedient servant and not that of the brinjal.? The king was very pleased with Birbal?s honest, bold and witty answer.
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