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Honest Donkey and Wicked Dog
In Junagarh village resided a washer man named Ramesh. He had two pets, a donkey named Bhola and a dog named Moti. Moti used to protect Ramesh?s house and Bhola used to carry the clothes laid on his back to the river and back home. Ramesh was very kind towards his pets. One night, when everyone was fast asleep, a thief entered the house. Moti saw the thief but didn?t bark. On seeing this, Bhola asked Moti, ?You saw the thief and still didn?t bark. What is the reason?? Moti arrogantly replied, ?You don?t have to tell me about my responsibilities. I have been taking care of this house since a long time. But our master doesn?t seem to understand this. He gives me less food and doesn?t treat me well. If I allow this thief to steal, at least our master will understand my worth.? Bhola got irritated and said, ?Do not act like a fool. This is not the time to prove your worth. This is the only time when you can act and protect your master?s house. Stop wasting time and wake our master immediately.? However, the Moti didn?t listen to Bhola. He replied, ?Why should I care when he has no respect for me. I am not going to wake him. If you want, you can follow your duties.? Bhola shouted at him, ?You are so foolish. You have no gratitude towards our master. This is the right time to show your worth but you are dumb not to do so. Anyways, I respect my master and I will alarm him about the thief.? Bhola started braying loudly. Listeining to his noise Ramesh woke up. Seeing all this, the thief ran away quickly. Ramesh looked out if someone had come, but he couldn?t find anyway. Ramesh got angry that Bhola had disturbed his sleep for no reason. He started thrashing Bhola with a stick. Bhola was left with a lot of injuries all over his body. Thus, sometimes it is better to mind ones own business than getting paid for interfering.
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