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How to Play Tambola/Houzee

Tambola is played on a basic principle. A player/organisor calls the Number/CUE one at a time and players need to strike Numbers on their tickets.

Tamobla/Houzee can be played in different way depending on target audience. Generally it is played with Numbers being called out and user strike out Numbers on their Tickets. If you are playing it with kids then you can play by this Number method, Picture method etc. For teenagers it could be class quiz format (Students striking Answers to Questions asked related to their Subjects). For Senior, Under-graduate, Post Graduate Students it could be a Quiz, Event with Multiple Choice Questions type. And at times it could be just formatted with the Theme of your Event. Playing Tambola remains the same but with a Twist and fun..

Classic Mode

  1. A caller needs to pick a CUE without seeing the box/container containing CUEs

  2. A caller generally shakes the box/container containing CUEs before calling next CUE

  3. If a number called by CALLER exist on player's Ticket then he has to strike it

  4. Once a particular Winning is achieved by a player, he has to claim for it immediately

  5. Game ends when a player successfully CLAIMS a FULL HOUSE

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