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Intelligent Student
In olden days there was a centre of learning in Varanasi. There were many students. Dharmananda was the teacher. He had only one daughter. Her name was Sugunavati. She was beautiful looking girl for whom Dharmananda was searching for the right match. He preferred an intelligent student among his pupils as his son in law. But he was worried as how to judge the intelligence of his students. So he decided a plan and made a trick. One day all the students were listening to teacher. ?O my students, I wish to arrange the marriage of my daughter. But I don?t have any capacity to get her special costumes and jewels. Can anybody do that job for me,? the teacher asked. Then he continued. Suppose any of you steal and bring then nobody should see you stealing. The students listened what their teacher said. From then onwards each one of them started bringing articles secretly and handing over them to the teacher. They were all stolen things. The teacher decided to examine them and return to the owners of those articles. Gunasheela didn?t bring any article. He was seen depressed. Gunasheela, why did you not steal anything?? the teacher asked. ?Sir, I could have done it. But you said that nobody should see it. It was not possible. Nobody may see. But I would definitely see what I do. Is there anything more than conscience?? Gunashreela replied. ?Fine! Gunasheela! I was in search of students like you. You are intelligent. I don?t need any luxury. I just made a trick to find out the intelligent person. Stealing for a good cause is also wrong,? the teacher appreciated him. Dharmananada ordered his pupils to return the articles to the respective owners. Sugunavati was married to Gunasheela.

Moral : Your conscience is the most important thing. You should not do anything that hurt your conscience.
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