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Mahukanth and the Jackal
Mahurkanth elephant lived in a forest. His nature was arrogant and cruel. He used to treat himself as the King of the forest. The other animals were afraid of him. He was a very naughty animal. Mahurkanth used to rip of the branches unnecessarily and destroy the eggs and the nest of the poor birds by crushing them under his huge feet. The elephant was so scary and wild that lions and tigers too were afraid to go near him. The chaos created by the elephant was increasing tremendously. One day the animals decided to kill the elephant. The meeting was held but most of the animals were afraid to kill the animal because of his huge size. The jackals were very angry because the elephant had devastated their caves. In a fit of rage they called separate meeting to decide the strategy to get rid of the elephant. Thinking of the huge size of the animal, the senior most Jackal said,? We need to use our intelligence to kill the elephant and not our might and power?. Everyone agreed to the decision of the Jackal. The old jackal went to the Elephant and bowed in front of him to show him some respect and said, ? My King, Can I have the honor to talk to you for a moment?? The Elephant looked at him in surprise and raising his voice said,? How did you come here? Who are you?? The Jackal humbly said. ?I am just a poor animal. You are grand and we respect you greatly. You have a kind heart and all qualities that the King of the jungle must possess. We all animals have decided to crown you as our King.? The Elephant became happy hearing his praise. The Jackal further said,? All animals are eager to witness the crowning ceremony of the King. They have decided to conduct the crowning ceremony in the forest where all the animals will gather to witness the occasion. And according to our astrologers the ceremony should be done today and hence we request you to come along with us.? Pleased by the praises of the Jackal, the Elephant got up to go along with the Jackal. The jackal and the elephant went deep inside the forest. On the way to the forest, they came across a swampy region nearby a lake. The jackal being lighter than the elephant could cross the region easily. But when the Elephant got into the swamp, he got trapped in it. He started struggling but couldn?t come out of the trap. When he was unable to free himself from the region, he shouted at the Jackal for help. He said,? I need your help friend to get out of this dirt. Call you are other friends to rescue me please.? The Jackal said,? I will not save you. You are arrogant and rude. You have killed and destroyed a lot of animals and their houses. You were never sorry for such harsh behaviors of yours. You deserve to die this way.? The jackal left away, leaving the elephant struggling for his life. After sometime, the elephant unable to come out got sunk into the mud.

Moral : Every oppressor meets his destiny. A person doing bad to others suffers badly himself.
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