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Most Unusual Transportation
Summary:This internet scavenger hunt involves finding the most unusual transportation from the list of items provided ? ?

Ages: 12 and older Must be familiar with computer searching ?

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: 1 to 3 players per team As many teams as you have computers available ? ?

Equipment: 1. One computer with internet connection per team 2. A printed Transportation List for reference ?

Set-Up: 1. If using several laptop computers in a home setting, place the computers far enough apart so the teams can work comfortably. 2. Before the start time begins, give each team a few minutes to

Set Up a spreadsheet where the team can copy and past the URL of the item as they find it. The spreadsheet needs to have Column A filled in with numbers from 1 to 25 to correspond with the Transportation list. As Host, you may choose to create a spreadsheet of your own prior to the game. You could list all the items to be found on a spreadsheet. Put this file on a USB flash drive for ease of transfer as your guests arrive with their laptops. Another way to get the spreadsheet to your guests is to simply do a mass e-mail as soon as your guests have arrived with the list as an attachment. 3. Print the Transportation item list.

Rules: 1. The teams have 45 minutes each to find as many of the items as possible. 2. Any Search Engine may be used. 3. Searching by Images is allowed. 4. When the 45 minutes have lasped, no new searches are allowed. ? ? ?

How to Play: 1. Give each team the list of what Weird and Wacky things they need to find on-line. 2. Each team can begin searching in whatever they choose. 3. When the team finds an item that best suits what they are looking for, the team copies and pastes the URL number on the spreadsheet next to that item. 4. When 45 minutes have lapsed, have each team stop searching and close their laptop.

Judging: 1. Place all the laptops on one table. Have each team open their first item for all the guests to view using their URL list. As Host, you get to be the judge of which team has THE MOST unusual transportation item. 2. Award 3 points to that team per item. All other teams receive one point if they have an entry on that line. If two teams find the exact item, whether or not it is located at the same URL, neither team receives a point. 3. Allow time for all the guests to view the entries. The guests can of course try to persuade the judge as to which of the itmes is the Most Unusual Transportation item. 4. Continue judging each item in this manner. 5. Tally all points after viewing the items. ? ? ?

Winner: The team with the most points wins.
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