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Songs Musical Tambola Housie Tickets
Musical Tambola Housie/Houzee game is gaining popularity. It is also known as Musical kukuba, songs kukuba or songs house. It is generally played in wedding events like ladies sangeet and wedding day or in a large crowd of 80 during club event, musical night. Playing in musical night adds to fun with guests and audience as there is prize involved.

People have started organising musical kukuba in birthday and anniversary parties.

In musical kukuba, host/singer sing the songs either randomly or in a pattern where songs in sequence tell a story of the event.

It takes more time than usual classic tambola housie game as a singing takes more time. So, instead of 90 number game, musical kukuba goes with 50 or 60 songs generally. Sometimes it also includes movie names, celebrity names, event related names along with songs.
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