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Story based Tambola
Stories sometimes create fun. Tambola can also be played like story telling. Organisor tells a story and players have to mark names from the names which are coming in story.

Things to Remember
There should not be a same name twice in story.
Story should be theme based so that names can be identified. An example of story tambola can be Bollywood Story. In this there could be names of movies, actors and actresses, songs etc. As the story progress names will come. Players have to identify names and mark them.

When creating tickets for this theme numbers/names in tickets should not be in same sequence as they are in story. If the sequence is same then players will be marking number one by one in their tickets from starting to end and it won't be random. Tickets should have names in random.

How to Play
This could be played in 2 ways.
In one way, organisor will tell that this is the name when it comes in story.
And in other case, players have to identify the names themselves based on theme.
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