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The Good and The Bad Head
Once there existed a weird bird called Gharuda. The bird lived on a mango tree near a river. Gharuda possessed two necks but only one stomach. Once, when the bird was hunting for food near the river banks, it came across a brown fruit. The fruit appeared delicious and worth eating. The bird caught the fruit and started eating the fruit with one head. It was the yummiest food the bird had eaten in its life. The second head which didn?t taste the fruit said to the first one, ?Please allow me also to taste the delicious fruit. ? Hearing this first head replied, ?You very well know, we have one stomach and two heads. Any one of the head eats the food; it is going to reach the stomach. So it hardly makes any difference whichever head eats the food. I have all right over the food, since I was the first to find it.? Hearing this second head got disappointed and felt hurt because of the selfish nature of the first head. The second head humbly didn?t argue with the first. After some day, the second day came across a tree bearing poisonous fruits. He got hold of the fruit and angrily said to the first head, ?You selfish one, I will now eat this poisonous fruit and take revenge on your selfish behavior some day back. You deceived me, this is the right time to reward you for your dreadful behavior.? The first head got afraid by this behavior of the second head. He yelled at him, ?Please don?t do this to me. Don?t eat this poisonous food. We have one stomach and if you eat this fruit both of us will die due to its poison.? Angrily the second head said, ?Be quiet. The other day, you said you found the fruit so you had the right to consume it. I have hunted down this fruit, so I have the authority to consume it.? Hearing this, tears started flowing through the eyes of the first head. But this didn?t bother the second head. He carried on eating the fruit. After sometime, poison started spreading inside the stomach and gradually in all parts of the body. Eventually, both died because of the poison.

Moral : Always share good things with others. It brings more good things to
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