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You Only Get One Chance To Make a First Impression
Summary:An Ice Breaker Game where the players get to compliment each other ?

Ages: From 16 and up ?

Recommended Number of Players/Teams: Between 10 and 40 ?

Equipment: One piece of cardstock with the players first name written on the top A pencil for each player A roll of tape ?

Set Up: As your guests arrive, tape their sheet of cardstock to their back. Give each player a pencil. Pencils work best because pens do not write on an angle as easily. ?

How to Play: Tell the players they must introduce themselves to the other guests. After speaking to the other players for a few minutes, they are to write nice, kind and uplifting "first impressions" about that person on the sheet taped to their back. It is okay if some people in the room have meet before, they can still offer kind words about the person that they have observed. For instance, some people may write "nice smile," "beautiful eyes," or "sympathetic listener." When enough time has lapsed that everyone has several remarks written on their back, sit in a circle and take off the papers. Have everyone pass their own paper to the player sitting on their right to read out loud. No one is to read their own compliments. ?

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