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Count Word Chain Search
It is similar to word search but little bit more difficult and interesting. It is also similar to Word Chain Search with slight difference. There are different words in Word Chain Search but in Count Word Chain Search there is generally one word which has to be searched for all occurrences and counted.

In word search, words are present as vertical, horizontal, diagonal. It could be in forward or reverse direction. There is one direction only. But in word chain search words are not present in one direction. Each alphabet/letter of word is present adjacent to previous alphabet/letter of word. Adjacent could be on top, left, bottom, right but not diagonal.
e.g. Word is GAME. A chain is formed where first letter (G) is placed in a cell. Next alphabet (A) is placed on bottom of (G). Next alphabet (M) is adjacent right to (A) which is previous alphabet of word. (E) is placed below to previous alphabet (M).
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