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Different from Classic Tambola in many ways. These are generally colorful cards based on a theme. Instead of lines there is a concept of Groups. Numbers are provided in groups and a group name is given. To claim prizes player has to call out Group Name. Various Prizes/Dividends could be Individual Groups (like 3 lines), Full House, 1 number from each Group, Early 5, Combination of 2 groups e.g. Take Couple Theme. 4 groups would be there with 4 numbers in each group. 4 Groups would be Sweet Couple, Naughty Couple, Romantic Couple, Hot Couple. There are 4 numbers each in each of the groups. Player has to say Sweet Couple to call out for a win when all numbers of group Sweet Couple have been striked out by the player. Combination of Group could be Sweet & Romantic Couple, Hot & Naughty Couple.
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