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Match Count
Various Items/Images are present 0 or more times on a card. These are present randomly. It is played in multiple rounds. Host announces pair, triplet or more items along with count of each item in each round. Players having same number of each item in that round gets a point.

Player(s) having maximum point wins.

e.g. there are total 10 items. Host will have a pre-defined list or one can be created by host (for multiple games), Let say item names are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I & J. In 1st round Host announces 2B+3F. Now players have to count B's and F's on their cards. If any player has exactly 2 B's and 3 F's then he/she gets some points say 3 (1 or more). If only one is found as exact match i.e. 2 B's then player gets 1 point. If both items are more than or equal to then that of host i.e. 4 B's and 3 F's then 2 points This is done for very round.
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