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Sab Ki Soch
How common is your thought. A quick entertaining game with active participation of host and guests. Person with most common thought wins.

A set of multiple choice questions are provided on a card with 4-5 answers. All answer options are correct. Cards are distributed to players. Player has to mark 1 option for each question. A time of 2 to 5 minutes is given for marking answers. Players write their names on cards. After time is over players give their cards to some other player for checking.

After cards are exchanged they have to be checked by other players and marks are given. Host start from 1st question and asks who all have option A marked for Question 1 in the answer sheet they are checking. Host counts number of hands raised. This number is the marks given to these answer sheets for Question 1. This meant how much common thought was there as Option A for Question 1. Next, host asks which all answer sheet have option B marked for Question 1. Again number of hands raised are counted. Marks are given equal to number of raised hands. Similarly, other options are checked for Question 1. After Question 1 same steps are done for rest of the questions.

After all questions are checked in this way, a total of marks is calculated for each answer sheet. Answer sheet with most marks win. This means that this person has most common thoughts.
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