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A number based game. A fun and engaging games for players where they just don't strike the numbers which are called but marks a boundary around it.
tagyab - Tag and Go - You are Ban.

Total 90 numbers are required for the game. 81 cells are present on a card with 9x9 grid. 76 cells are filled with numbers. 4 set of images are present on each with each set having 2 same images. Host calls out numbers randomly. If a number is present on players' card then he has to mark a boundary on all 4 sides around that number on the dotted line already given. Concept of the game is to form a connected path between images by using marked lines.

There are some green and red marked lines already present on card. Green lines are already connected and can be used in path. Red lines are banned and cannot be used in any path.

Players have to connect same images, outer images to win.
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