Wordings for Numbers/Nicknames

Tambola/Houzee is a fun for the organiser and everyone playing out when we call up numbers by putting up some words before these numbers like Lucky 7 etc. It makes the game even more fun. So, here is the list of such wordings for these numbers and will add more new words for these numbers.

Bingo is a community game which fosters interaction among bingo players from all walks of life. So, as the bingo game evolved, so did a funny set of bingo nicknames to make the game more lighter and fun. These bingo nicknames are very much UK feature of the game and are used where the motive is having more on fun and not making money. Callers in the traditional bingo halls of UK would use these nicknames when announcing numbers, which later became popular as bingo lingo.

Each bingo number, from 1 to 90 has a bingo nickname assigned to it. While some bingo lingo is very straightforward, for example 'four and nine': 49, others are a little vague like 'pick and mix': 26. Most bingo nicknames are rhyming slangs, for instance, Tom's Tricks rhymes with 6. Those bingo lingo which don't rhyme with the number have a logical reason for being called so. Then there are bingo nicknames which have a biblical background, such as 23: 'the lord is my shepherd' referring to Psalm 23 in Bible.

Bingo nicknames have both rhyming and logical connotation. For example, number 8 which is called as both 'garden gate' (rhyming) and 'one fat lady' (because if the shape of 8 which resembles the shape of a fat lady).
While some popular callers prefer the logical nicknames, for exapmle number 1 is called 'kelly's eye', named after the one eyed Australian gangster Ned Kelly, for they are uncommon and easy to memorize. Rhyming bingo lingo, on the other hand, can be difficult to learn. Say for instance, 'duck and dive' for 25 easily rhymes with 35. Our comprehensive list of bingo lingo entails some of the most commonly used bingo lingo across the bingo halls in UK:

Number Wordings
1 Lone ranger, Buttered scone, Top of the house number 1, Son of a gun, At the beginning
2 One little duck, Me and you, Kaala dhan
3 Happy family, goodness me
4 Murgi chor, Knock at the door
5 Punjab da puttar, Symbol of congress
6 Bottom heavy, Chopping sticks, Super sixer, In a fix
7 Lucky no. Seven, One hockey stick, God's in Heaven, Jackpot no. 7, Colours of rainbow, saat sur, saa
8 One fat major, Garden gate, Big fat lady number 8
9 Doctor's time, Number of planets in solar system number 9
10 A big fat hen, Cock and hen, Uncle Ben
11 Two heavenly legs, Two beautiful legs 1 and 1 eleven
12 One dozen
13 Bakers dozen, Unlucky for some lucky for me no. thirteen
14 Valentine's Day, Tender chick
15 Yet to be kissed
16 Sweet sixteen, never been kissed
17 Dancing Queen
18 Voting age
19 Last of the teens, End of the teens 1 and 9 nineteen
20 One score, Blind 20
21 President's salute
22 Two little ducks
23 You and me
24 Two dozen
25 Quarter, Silver Jublee Number
26 Republic Day
27 Gateway to heaven
28 Duck and its mate
29 In your prime
30 Women get flirty at 30
31 Time for fun
32 Mouth Full
33 All the 3s
34 Dil mange more
35 Flirty wife
36 Popular size
37 Mixed luck
38 Oversize
39 Watch your waistline
40 Naughty 40
41 Life's begun at 41
42 Quit India Movement
43 Pain in the knee
44 All the fours
45 Halfway there
46 Up to tricks
47 Year of Independence
48 Four dozen
49 Rise and shine
50 Half a century, Golden Jublee
51 Charity begins at 51
52 Pack of cards
53 Pack with a joker
54 Pack with two jokers
55 All the fives
56 Pick up sticks
57 Mutiny Year
58 Time to retire
59 Just retired
60 Five dozen
61 Bakers bun
62 Click the two
63 Click the three
64 Catch the chor
65 Old age pension
66 Chakke pe chakka
67 Made in heaven
68 Saving grace
69 Ulta Pulta
70 Lucky blind
71 Lucky bachelor
72 Lucky couple
73 A crutch and a flea
74 Lucky chor
75 Lucky Five, Diamond Jublee
76 Lucky six
77 Two hockey sticks
78 Heaven's gate
79 One more time, lucky nine
80 Gandhi's breakfast
81 Corner shot
82 Last of the two, Fat lady with a duck
83 India wins Cricket World Cup
84 Last of the chors
85 Grandma
86 Last six
87 Grandpa
88 Two fat ladies
89 All but one
90 Top of the house