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code: t11
category: Game
tags: Cricketer, Cricket, Sports
similar themes: Sports, Football, Skateboard, Race
code: t10
code: t9
category: Culture
tags: Country, Place
similar themes: Country Capitals, Japanese, Places, Banaras, Africa
code: t8
category: Others
tags: Classic Tambola
similar themes:
code: t7
category: Profession
tags: Celebrities
similar themes: Bollywood, Red Carpet, Hollywood
code: t6
code: t5
category: Living Beings
tags: Birds, Life
similar themes: Animals, Duck, Peacock, Snail, Coconut
code: t4
category: Kids
tags: Balloon, Decoration, Kids
similar themes: Tic Tac Toe, Kids, Games, Childhood, Aladdin
code: t3
code: t2
category: Living Beings
tags: Animal, Life
similar themes: Snail, Birds, Beer, Dinosaur, Monkey
code: t1
category: Object
tags: Aeroplane, Plane, Travel
similar themes: Travel, Places, Car, Vacation, Paris
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