Generate Tickets using API

Now Generate Tambola Tickets using API. Simply send a request and get the Tickets. Send an API request to and you will get your Tickets in XML format.

Please follow fair usage policy.

API v1.1

  • Now only limited number of tickets can be generated per hour (to avoid high load and unfair requests). To generate tickets in bulk contact us.
  • Limits applicable
    • Max. number of tickets that can be generated in an hour is 1500 with a maximum of 10 API requests (per IP).
    • 1500 tickets and 10 API requests limit is applicable based on minimum time difference between current time and the time when limit was reached, this time should be greater than 1 hour in order to continue generation of tickets.
    • Limits of 1500 maximum number of tickets and 10 maximum number of API requests will be followed and tickets would be generated only in any of these these limits haven't reached their maximum limit. When even one of these limits has crossed it's maximum limit then tickets won't be generated.
  • Changes in XML response
    • XML response will now include status and message user defined tags.
    • status will give response code as 0 or 1 where 0 means an error and 1 success.
    • message will have error message for status 0 and will have tickets for status 1.

API v1.0

  • A request to will generate 1 Ticket Page with 6 Tickets.
  • To generate more tickets format your request as
    Replace Number with a number between 1 to 50 e.g. if you specify number as say 5 then a total of 5 ticket pages with 6 Tickets each will be generated and there will be a total of 5x6 = 30 Tickets
  • Ticket CUEs are separated by using a dash -
  • There are 0's in between meaning a blank block
  • To select a Theme instead of numbers, specify Themeid. For this, format your request as follows
    Replace Number with a Theme number. To get a Theme Number, visit: Themes and take your cursor on Theme Name to find Theme Id in URL
  • One can combine both count and theme as follows:
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