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  • Bucket of memories with wedding anniversary

    So many celebration day comes and goes but the day of Anniversary is something special because it is your wedding anniversary that is memorable.By celebration you can make it more special or by giving surprise to your spouse.

    The secret of a happy marriage is to find your love in the right person.Stay if you love to be with them all the time. A wedding anniversary is really a celebration of love for your partner & Trust on your spouse. This day is different for all the days because it reminds the time of your marriage & all those memories that you have spent till that year.It is the date on which we should do all those things that we have done on our marriage to remind some moments again & celebrate this day with your heart.
    The first event is very special so it should be pre-planned. One year later would be the first anniversary of that event where you can make a reminder to your memories.

    You know some country make an anniversary day as national days,anniversary can be of many types not only wedding anniversary.It can be related to some government work also so every year on the same day they are celebrating these type of anniversary. The important dates or such event also called Golden jubilee'.
    By celebrating this you can do such type of things that you did on your first date like you can go on a beautiful dinner,You can celebrate it on a large scale by inviting all the friends & relatives,you can do your photo shoot at a beach & at any hilly area,Try some new things that you have not tried earlier,celebrate a quite dinner with your close friends and family at home,
    go for a romantic movie,Go somewhere outside where you planned your surprise party & surprise him or her.

    The important & the most difficult task to think about the gift for wife as well as for husband,So just have a look for these ideas -

    * Nowadays its very difficult to choose the gift for someone ,we always think that what another person wants & the things that person likes.First let's talk about the women's gift that a men wants to give to his wife ,You can buy earrings,gold chain,Purse,ring,dress,bouquet,some jewellery like pendant set,Picture of your favourite moment on cushion's cover,

    * Have one unique idea if you have some chat or messages in that you have wrote something special for her so just take small printout of few chats & some memorable photos then paste it on 2-3 A4 size sheets then tie all sheets with ribbon ,with doing whole with punching machine.

    * Now women are also confused if it's the time to give gift to her husband,you can think about giving a branded watch for him,a pair of shoes,clothes like classy shirt with pant,blazer.

    * You can give any handmade gift to him/her as it will feel more cute like any bouquet with full of chocolate & some other sweets or collage of pictures like these there are so many thoughtful gifts you should know your partner very well,handmade anniversary sundial (a clock that uses the sun to tell time)made of glass & later place it on the window because when sunlight will come on this ,will make rainbow in your room.Just do all these things from your heart to make him or her happy.

    * You both can think of one combined gift and go for outing or if one want to give surprise to other one then plan a surprise trip to the dream place.It will become a lifetime special time memory for both of you.

    Decoration ideas -

    Way of Decoration of every party should be different or related to such event,so here we are talking about anniversary decoration or you are planning some surprise party ,it should be wonder.

    * Select one wall of your hall then hang some white colour curtains ,in front hang some golden lights( Diwali lights).Then 9-10 big plastic flowers of different colour like white,pink,black.This colour combination is very attractive like some kind of background.

    * Take one or two hula hoop and take 3 ribbon for one hula hoop,paste 3-4 photos of both of you on ribbon & tie it in center of hula hoop from up & down take one more ribbon paste 2-3 pictures of yours ,tie it to the side of the center ribbon ,as like do same with the third ribbon then tie on another side.Do same with the other hula hoop also and hang it somewhere on wall with nail.It will look little bit different & It is a memory of your moments & will look little bit different.

    * To make it more beautiful & romantic,blow red shinning balloons & spread everywhere around the room & take many printout of photos & paste it on wall in this manner it make a number of your anniversary's year like if 25th anniversary then make a 2 & 5 on wall with photos,in front of that wall you can place the table for cake cutting .

    * Take a small plastic bucket covered with red cloth & place red roses & chocolate balls in that small bucket,Take one transparent balloon and hang it with ribbon on the upper side of bucket with giving space in between as like para shoot,

    * In your hall,place a table covered with red cloth & spread red roses's petals on the table ,then place cake in between.Upper side of wall,hang a string of anniversary,keep some beautiful flowerpot or some candy jars on that table.

    * Take so many air balloon & hang your pictures or you can scrolls with some message on the ribbon of those balloons then release it or let it go in hall upper side in roof & some normal balloons blow and spread it anywhere in the room .it looks so beautiful & wonderful.

    * For entry ,spread full red roses petals like a red carpet & then place divas in line on the side of that petals.Inside the hall ,place red colour sofas with white colour cushions & colour combination with table cloth also,great combination of these two colour.


    * With some special person,show your love by showing some efforts,take a one white colour plate,write happy anniversary with chocolate pudding & On the side of plate,keep small chocolate pastries.

    * To make it more special & simple .You both can cook a dish where ingredients falling apart are what make it taste good.This will be the type of dinner that you both liked & will enjoy together.

    * Go with the pasta,best dish that you can have on some kind of celebration so have some western dishes on this day.

    * Decorate your table with flowers & with keeping the wine glasses,small scroll with some messages on it & little little gifts on table.

    * Decide a candle light dinner near any beautiful place.It will make your day more special & memorable.

    Dress up in attractive way -

    For every type of parties,you can get the ideas here that what type of code or dressed,all these effective
    # If we talked about this most special day ,anniversary the outfit should be so good that it shows in your dress up that today is something special.
    # If you are organising your marriage act again then you can wear like you had wear on your wedding day.
    # Or if you want something western then women can go with a long gown & men can dress up in suit with classy blazer.
    # Women can wear a cocktail red dress & men in black looks awesome.
    # Sometimes theme parties call for dress Dress code can be formal also like black tie or white tie with suit for men & black dress for women will look amazing for evening celebration.
    # wear any floral lightweight dress in that you feels comfortable.
    # You can go with traditional look , men should wear white kurta pyjama & women should wear black or red colour suit with big earrings in ears.
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