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  • April Fool - Get Ready To be Pranked In The Kitty Party
    The first day of the month of April is called 'All Fools' Day'. On this day people take delight in playing practical jokes on each other. April Fools Day is celebrated by people who want to play pranks on friends, neighbours, teachers, family members and others.

    You’ll surely have fun planning funny jokes and pranks to put on at your party. Check out these fun April Fools ideas to get started with your party planning

    1.April Fool Invites - You can invite guests by sending them funny cards. Use funny faces and words like foolish,stupid and crazy people. The invite content should have some hilarious and jolly words which make them laugh badly. Add custom photos, wording, and create a totally unique custom design for your invitation. You can gift wrap a box of fake rubber candies and hand deliver it along with the invitation.

    you can take help of whatsapp, facebook and snapchat for sending invitataions. You can make invitation of your own choice by using emojis and funky words.You can compose an invite like this-





    Get ready to pull each other legs at ( venue) on ( date).

    2. April Fool Decors - Decorate the party entrance with a balloon arch and have the party space display posters of famous clowns and comedians. Arranging happy face balloons around the room is another easy way to decorate. For added effect, you can also hang some masks from the wall. Every arrangement should be wrong in your party like switch off some lights and fans, serve the food on the floor, spread sketch pens and spoons everywhere.In the center of the party space, have a pinata in the shape of number one. Have “the biggest April fool” at the party take a swing at it. You can fill your pinata with candy or play a trick by filling it with confetti or rubber chickens. Your guest will love these fun and creative April Fools ideas

    3.Food Menu - You can make pranks in this section by not serving the same food mentioned outside. Suppose you can put gulab jamuns instead of dal makhni in the bowl for dinner. In the same way you can replace all the food. You can do a combination of “funny” foods with some classic party snacks everyone is sure to enjoy. Be sure though to have enough snacks and drinks around the room which guests can reach out too.

    4. April Fool Day Dress - You can ask on your guests to wear shirts and top in upside down manner with messy hair. Your shoes and sandles should be in ulta- pulta manner. You can gift your guests t-shirts with wordings written -

    * I am not a fool

    *kick me

    *Donkey of the day


    5. April Fool Activities - Have an April Fool's Day competition. Each guest is told to try and pull one over on another guest. Have everyone congregate and ask each person to get up and share what happened. As well, they can share any past experience that comes to mind. Have an opaque perfume bottle filled with onion juice and maybe pass it around at the party. Replace guests car keys with another set that looks same but cannot open the locks.

    6. Music - 'April Fool Banaya'.... is one of the best music which can be played in your party after making your guests fool one by one. You can search for various other funny songs also. This will make your guests laugh more.

    7. Gifts - This day is meant to create some extra curves on their face and fill their life with joys. One of the light hearted days of the year, April Fool’s Day is totally meant to be celebrated by presenting gifts like accessories, delicious cakes, sweets, chocolates, teddies, cushions, mugs, green plants, home decor and so much more. At the end, make your guest taste the kitty litter cake which looks just like kitty litter (complete with chlorophyll) but tastes like spice cake. Serve it with a brand new pooper scooper.

    Hope the above ideas will assist you in throwing hillarious kitty party your friends will not forget. Happy April Fools!
  • April fool month


    April Fools' Day is an annual Western celebration, This is the exciting time of year. Celebrated on April 1, Perfect time to

    do your favourite pranks. One important thing that pranks that you are doing with anyone should not harm others &

    it should not cause any problem for someone. On that day just change your way of doing the things. You can do all

    the things in a weird manner or something that is funny and when all will notice you, they will laugh on whatever

    you are doing as weird things. So by organising this party, here, you can get lots of ideas of what things you should

    do at your party for making this unique & funny.


    Make everyone laugh by sending these silly party invitations on April Fool Day to your Guests.

    Here have some ideas about how you can invite our friends & relatives
    * Write the 'Not invited' invitations. The message can go on such a way - 'You are cordially not invited to the party, I

    am not having on 1st of April, so please do not be welcomed to the party snacks and drinks that will not be there at

    7 o'clock in the evening.'First they will laugh & will think that if the invitation is like that so how interesting the party

    will be. This is the best & a funny invitation.

    * Cut the invitation in puzzles with writing some foolish line like Fools Rush In To Join.SO let them try to solve the puzzle

    first, then they will get excited about your party by seeing this type of unique welcome.

    April Fool - National humour day :

    It is recognized as the day when people pull the legs of their friends and sometimes of the strangers also and no one

    feels bad and takes it on their heart. While playing a little prank on others always gives you fun. many peoples are

    happy to have the chance to play some prank on their friends. After doing the prank and all, people feel happy &

    relax because nowadays all have their busy schedule and they are not getting the time for a get-together so this is the

    perfect time to organise the April fool party and having fun with your friends and family.


    Party Decorations & Themes for April Fool include rearranging things out of place such as serve the food on the bed

    and drinks on the floor. Place the pillows on the fridge. Another idea is to place everything upside down. Using odd

    items to decorate a place is a good idea like arranging socks, shoes broken toys, tools and other material of the

    In this you can take any theme according to that you can decorate your room.

    * Theme related to technology as science: Decorate with beakers, pictures of lighted bulbs, thermometers, wires,

    cables. Welcome the guests wearing Einstein wig and glasses and a big nose.

    * Theme related to the natural things: Decorate with leaves, stuffed animals, flowers & animal masks. Ask guests to

    wear leaves or clothes with animal prints as a code for the party.

    * Balance a plastic cup of water on the door which will fall on their heads as they will open the door & you can take

    some other things like plastic skeletons & make illusions for them by rearranging the room to look like their own

    room and other creative ideas can also be used.

    * Putting the sign of wet paint on a floor in a busy place of the hall that is actually dried can cause a lot of funny


    * You can use some beautiful cushions from that one embarrassing or funny sound comes. You can try putting a
    cushion in someone's chair, resulting in a funny and embarrassing sound when they sit down. Your friend

    will be confused and hopefully amused to find that you were the one behind this classic prank.


    Many people are celebrating the day at different times and in different ways, all of them enjoy playing clever pranks

    on their friends and family. Learning a few pranks for April Fool's Day can help you get a few laughs, have a lot of

    fun.H ere have innovative ideas that you can plan for your party :

    * At the welcome time, Write a note on a big paper that doorbell is not working due to some reason.so you have to speak

    loud ' DING DONG '.

    * Take one sticker or picture of milk that should look like the shape of the drops of milk that fell down & put this sticker

    on someones, mobile or laptop and just enjoy their reaction.

    * Stare up at the sky to make confusion in others mind that what's special he or she is watching in the sky. Ask

    people if they see it & Try to convince them that it's something small and try to get them to say they can see

    something that isn't really there.

    * Just pretend like you are looking at your friends & try talk about what it is, they will get confused that is really

    something weird on my face. Ask people if they see it. Try to convince them that it's something small and try to get

    them to say they can see something that isn't really there.

    * Keep one balloon behind the door & when someone will enter and open the door, the balloon will burst and they will

    get scared with that voice.


    Weird dress themes can be mentioned in the party invitations like

    * Wear clothes backwards or inside out.

    * You can wear any out of fashion clothes.

    * Clothes that are too large for the size of the person

    * Keep code for any funny kind of prop with them.

    * Apply weird things on your clothes


    Now we are talking about April fool so in food also there should be something funny & you can play a prank at your

    mealtime. So here have it :

    * Take one lemon & put straw from one side of lemon then cover it with a wrapper like a lollipop.

    * You can serve watermelon that made up of candle wax or any other fruits that you can make with playdough


    * You can switch salt and sugar, a simple trick that you can play at the dinner or lunch table. Both salt and sugar look

    same, most people won't notice that you've switched them.

    * Put a jelly and shape it as a worm in an apple. No one wants to eat an apple with a worm coming out of it, making

    April Fool the perfect opportunity to offer such a treat. To do this prank you will need to punch a hole into an apple

    and put a jelly worm into it. Give the apple to your friend & preventing them from seeing it at first.

    * Wrap one-one grapes in candy's wraper & give to all of them in the party.It's fun when they will get grapes instead of

    any candy.
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