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  • Baisakhi - The Booster For April Kitty Party
    Baisakhi festival is celebrated with immense gusto and enthusiasm in Punjab and Haryana. It's one of the most sought after festivals of the Punjab and people enthusiastically wait for this day. Baisakhi festival falls on april 14 and marks the beginning of the solar year. People of north India, particularly Punjab thank god for good harvest. This is the best time to celebrate Baisakhi kitty party theme in a fun manner among all members of your kitty group.
    If you have a kitty party this month, you can plan it to be a Baisakhi theme kitty party. Today I am sharing the party ideas for Baisakhi kitty party.

    1.Decoration:- Decorate the party hall in vibrant colours using your old dupattas and sarees. If possible, give your venue the raw look of a village. Use bangles, musical instruments and hay for the decoration. If possible, make a small hut and keep some earthen pots in front of it to give a punjabi village feel. You can palce wooden foldings as sitting arrangement. Fix 4-5 bunches of sugarcane at each corner of the hall. You can also put Dholaks and Tablas as show peice at your kitty party hall.

    2.Food:- Baisakhi is a festival mainly among the Sikhs, usually celebrated in the northern part of India. Especially the farmer community gear up to celebrate Baisakhi festival with all vigor and enthusiasm. It is on the Baisakhi day that the people of Punjab and Haryana get involved in the best Baisakhi food. As it is a joyous mood among all, the best of Baisakhi recipes are prepared such that everybody can relish.
    There are different traditional Baisakhi food items which are specially prepared on this day.

    *Makkey ki roti with sarson ka saag:- Any Punjabi festivity is incomplete without the legendary Makki ki roti and sarso ka saag.If you want to celebrate Baisakhi the traditional way, then you should have this combo as a part of your menu.

    *Chhole Bhature:- It is a popular north Indian dish that is a part of the Punjabi cuisine and is in fact savored by people across the country and the world.

    *Tandoori Chicken:- It is a common Indian appetizer that is a part of the Punjabi cuisine. The dish is made by cooking chicken pieces marinated in spices and curd in tandoor, that is a coarse cylindrical oven.

    *Pindi chana:- Pindi chana masala is a dry vegetarian dish that is one of the signature dishes of the Punjabi cuisine.

    *Punjabi kadhi and chawal:- Punjabi Kadhi is another lip smacking curry prepared in Punjab. This dish will make you salivated.

    *Dry fruit kheer:- Kheer is a constant sweet that is a part of almost every Indian festive celebration. This sweet rice and milk pudding has various regional avatars and is one of the most toothsome Indian desserts

    *Lassi:- Any Punjabi feast is incomplete without a thick and sweet curd lassi. During Baisakhi, the drink is a life-saver and a must for beating the scorching April heat.

    3.Invitation:- Invites should be very attractive and clear so that one can easily understand the contents of the message. Invitation should be composed in such a manner that no one can resist itself from attending the kitty party. Today we use whatsapp and other social networking sites for composing the invitation messages. Let's have a look on one such message.





    TO BE HELD AT_______ON_______.



    You can use emojis like trucks and dholaks that are already given in your chat box option. These kind of invites probably grabs the attention of the reader.

    4.Dress:- Baisakhi is the very vibrant and significant Sikh festival has managed to retain its luster and importance even after all these years. Beyond the merrymaking with Giddha and Bhangra, The festival is a celebration of the harvest season therefore its dress should be very colourful and captivating.

    Bhangra Dress (for Men) - It includes Turban which is a sign of pride in Punjab and is must in your dress code. At upper you can wear Kkurta with Jugi (A waistcoat, with no buttons) and at bottom wear Lungi or Pyjamas. Don't forget to wear fancy punjabi jutti as footwear.

    Gidda Dress (for Women) - Dress for gidda is quite elegant. It adds charm to feminine grace and is comfortable enough to allow women to perform giddha dance with ease. For women short kurti with patiala salwar is the best combination and instead of salwars they can also wear shararas. women can adorn themselves with a lot of jewellery including bangles, tikka, jhumkas, necklace and nath (nose ring). Women can wear fancy punjabi jutti,slippers or sandles.

    5.Music:- Singing and dancing are an intrinsic part of the joyful festival of Baisakhi. Host has to make a playlist of bhangra and gidda songs to in such a manner that no one could resist itself from rocking the dance floor. Most often Punjabi folk songs are sung on the beats provided by the drum where 'Dhol' and 'Dholik' is the male and female drum respectively. You can run your hands on album of famous gidda and bhangra songs composer Nimrat Khaira.

    6.Bonfire:- Host can lit up bonfire at the centre of the place where dances have to be performed. You can also call dholakwalas who will play dhol and take you to the masti of Punjab.

    7.Rammal,Parandas:- Rammals are essentially scarves worn on the fingers. Host can give rammal as gift to the men at the very beginning of the party. They look very elegant when the hands move during the course of dance
    Paranda is one of the traditional handicrafts of Punjab. It is a colorful hanging worn by the Punjabi women in their hair. Host can distribute these parandas to all ladies in the group and ask them to tie the same in their hair.

    8.Offerings:- The Halwa or the Kadha prasad can be distributed among the members at the end of the party. As Baisakhi is a religious festival too, so you can't let go anyone free hands.

    I hope the above ideas will assist you in throwing the outstanding kitty party.
  • Delicious food for Baisakhi festival

    On this Baisakhi festival, Dishes should also be traditional as like it's our religious festival. So I can suggest you some delicious food that is traditionally prepared during the harvest festival.

    -You should make makkey ki roti with sarson ka saag. This combination of corn flour is the best combo of Baisakhi festival. This will remind you of the harvest you are getting from the farmers.

    - Make some delicious chhole bhature , The popular north Indian dish.

    - Dessert is a sweet course that concludes a meal in the culture of many countries. So for this make coconut laddoo & kheer that is proper Indian dish and is a part of every indian festival celebration.
  • Outfits for BAISAKHI
    Whenever we are celebrating any festival, First of all, we always think about our outfits.
    If we are talking about this traditional festival, our dress's look should be vibrant.
    - So here have some ethnic ideas, Wear some bright colour outfits as it will look great on this day.

    -Like men can dress up in a combination of green & yellow includes kurta, Pyjama & turban on their heads of the same colour.
    - women can wear Red & yellow colour combination suit with paranda on their head and so on that sums up the festival look.
  • creative ideas of decoration on the occasion of Baisakhi
    Baisakhi is basically a spring harvest festival for the Sikhs. It marks as the Sikh new year. The day that celebrated as a thanksgiving day by farmers. This is the prominent festival for the Sikh's community. As you all know this is a vibrant or colourful festival so on this festival, Decoration should also be look colourful & attractive.H ere I have some ideas about how to decorate different areas with unique things.

    - For ground decoration, Take some pots or matkas & put some big sticks of wheat & corns place it on the ground in between. keep One dhol, Kite, some sticks of leaves. To make it more traditional, Take orange & yellow colour flowers and place it around the wheat & corns and make a big circle with flowers.

    - To make it more creative, Make such thing like a project of the village -Take a small table and cover it with a red cloth then put small glass of lassi on the table. Near to the table keep some matkas & plants as it is a spring harvest festival. Make one small Hut with cardboard as farmers live there in the village and Display it as the background of the whole project.

    - For wall decoration, Take the different colour of charts, Make beautiful pictures of dhol, kite & turban (pagri),3-4 strings of corns & leaves. Now Take some flower's petals to make rangoli of OM sign or any of the religious sign as we are talking about the religious festival. Spread or place petals around the OM sign & have 4-5 diyas around the rangoli. It will look more effective by the flames of diya.

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