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  • Bollywood Night Theme Kitty Party Food Menu
    Indian Food has lots of options for quick and easy starters and finger foods – from samosas and pakoras to poppadums with dips like tomato, coriander or mint!Kebabs and tandoori skewers are a kitty party hit too, and you can make them with almost anything - veggies, chicken, cottage cheese or prawn.

    You can follow this up with a proper meal – consisting of best sellers like butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, malai kofta, palak paneer, and breads like parantha or tandoori naans.

    Another option is to follow the starters with heavy Indian side dishes like paav bhaaji, chole bhature, a plethora of chaats, or a South Indian fare including different types of dosas, idlis, sambhar and chutneys!

    In drinks, you can serve anything from cool options like rose sherbet, flavored lassi, badam milk. Adding vodka to your lassi or sherbets can create interesting cocktails too! Among the hot beverages – masala chai (spice tea) is the hot favorite!

    Indian desserts offer fantastic options from laddoos to gulab jamuns, gajar ka halwa or traditional Bengali sweets to choose from. Just make sure your desserts are served at the right temperature – like the halwa hot and Bengali sweets cold.
  • Bollywood Night Kitty Party Dress Code
    Indian clothes are a splash of colors and textures! Make sure you are dressed in fashionable Bollywood attire. Ask your guests to pick their favorite Bollywood star and dress up like them. This is sure to add a fun vibe and ready conversation filler to your kitty party!

    Or else, they can simply wear anything Indian – from saris, kurtis-churidars and lehengas for the ladies, to sherwanis, bandhgalas and kurtas for the men. Indian outfits are best accessorized with traditional Indian style jewelry and lots of colorful bangles and bindis.
  • Bollywood Night Theme Kitty Party Invitations
    Your invite must be special! So, design a special Bollywood themed invitation for your kitty party. You can create a collage of famous Bollywood stars, or use typical Indian motifs like Henna art, Diyas and Rangolis. A fun idea is to shape your card like a ‘Patang’ – an Indian paper kite! Whatever prints you use – add on some glitter dust and outline with glue and colorful glitter. You can also create a marigold card decorated with fresh marigold flower petals – but make sure it is hand-delivered the same day!

    And do not forget to mention the Indian/Bollywood kitty party dress code on your invitation cards. You can use the following lines in your invitation.

    'Ye evening mujhe de de thakur'!
    Get your filmy style on for
    Bollywood Night Kitty party.
    on 28th of april
    at Stush Green Lounge.
    Ek Sham Bollywood Masti Ke Naam.
  • Bollywood Night Kitty Party Decorations
    Bollywood is all about colors and fabulous drapes! So just bring out some bright hued sari style fabrics in orange, fuchsia, red, purple, green for decor – and arrange them creatively. You can do up the ceiling, cover your tables and sofas, hang them as curtain add-ons! Just be creative and mix and match. Use dozens of bright cushions and throws on your sofas, or arrange them in a corner on a rug near a vase or a lamp – for creating a special corner for a chit-chat.

    Use candles of different colors and shapes in every corner – but make sure they are placed safely and securely. You can also fill large glass bowls with water and add fresh flower petals and floating candles for a magical effect! Use these as table center-pieces or to decorate empty corners. Colorful paper lamps, bright satin ribbons and special fragrant incense sticks will add just the right Bollywood feel to your kitty party.

    To balance the overall effect – use muted tableware like brown colored or jute/reed table mats. If you can manage it amid the party fanfare – bring out your favorite silverware for a rich Indian touch! You can place a beautiful shiny red colour mat at the entrance which will work as red carpet.
  • Bollywood Night Kitty Party - Drama, Color And Action
    What is Bollywood and what is Bollywood night?
    For the uninitiated, the Indian movie industry is the largest in the world (it produces more movies than Hollywood) and is often referred to as Bollywood.
    If someone uses the term 'Bollywood,' they either refer to anything related to the Indian movies or something generic that is Indian.
    Bollywood night is an Indian-themed kitty party with lots of Bollywood music and dances.

    If you have not done this before and do not know where to start, you are in the right place.I will share with you how to organize this Bollywood Night kitty party so you can have a fabulous and memorable kitty party.
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