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  • Elections - This Kitty Party Feel Democratic
    The 2019 Indian general election is scheduled to be held in seven phases from 11 April to 19 May 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha. Everybody is set to vote this year. So let's add some masala and crisp to this election session and motitvate people to grant vote for their favourite party. Let's celebrate kitty party this year with the theme Election.
    I know I'm a bit late in getting onto the Election train,(the final phase and Counting is still left!) nevertheless, this theme is going to be a hit until few months from now at least. While Election and Voting are serious issues, organizing a theme such as Election in your kitty party (not a political party) or gatherings shows your social awareness.
    Here are some of the election theme kitty party ideas-

    1. Decoration - First of all make your kitty party hall very impresssive by pasting pictures of various poltical party leaders. Spread balloons of orange, white and green colour on the floor to create a feeling of being an Indian to the kitty members. You can paste chart of slogans on the wall. Make a stage in the front and fix 2 flags on the both sides of the stage. Draw the symbols of all Indian political parties for example- BJP has symbol of Lotus, Congress party has a symbol of Hand, so you can draw their pictures and paste them on the back of different chairs that are used for sitting.

    2. Competition - Host can conduct speech and slogans competition in the party by dividing the members into teams. Keep a bowl of chits with Party A/B/C and ask them to pick a chit as they enter the party hall. Ask the team members to choose a unique party name for their team. You can ask each member to anonymously write the name of political party they are going to vote in the current elections, you can count them at the end, you will know the mood of your guests.

    3. Dance and Music - The National Anthem should be played at first before starting the party. After that host can make a choice of songs from political bollywood movies like Rajneeti, Chak De India, Sarkar and so on. You can also play old desh bhakti songs dedicated to Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey and Jawaharlal Nehru.

    4. Political Characters - You can ask members to get dressed as particular netaji by giving themselves a look of that character. With this activity they will feel more excited and your party hall will automatically turns into a pure Parliamnet House and all memebers will enventually get a feel as they are the actual politicians. Further on you can arrange a debate between them or can conduct a interview.

    5. Invitation - You can make tricolour invitation cards and the wordings can be-
    You are invited to get engaged in some party politics.
    Do not be in a fix, this is a party you cannot miss.

    You could either choose to send invites through Whatsapp, Facebook and various other apps. You can compose an e-message like this:


    6. Food - Use light weighted snacks like cheese balls, veg cutlet, crispy sweet corns and spring rolls at the starting. Serve the starters in specially made bowls with digital printed slogans written over it.Don't forget to include cocktails. Some people might feel the need to stay well-lubricated. Pace them, though. No matter what, have lots of water on hand. Host can make arrangements for mini bar also. For the main course you can order dal and sabjzis with different kinds of bread. At last you can include ice creams and puddings in the desserts menu.

    7. Dress Code - In India we recognize politicians by a typical dress code. You can either opt for crisp whites, khadi kurthas with overcoats and jackets, cotton sarees or walk in as a aam aadmi / aam aurat in ordinary clothes. That is completely left to your choice. A cap will definitely give you a neta look. You can also come dressed as your favorite Neta.

    At the last you can ask each member to anonymously write the name of political party they are going to vote in the current elections, you can count them at the end, you will know the mood of your guests.
    Do not forget to leave an ink mark on the fingers of your guests as they leave.
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