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  • Fear of exams is not real


    Examination is a test to check your ability of mind . It tries to find out the knowledge of yours that you have got from school through this pre-planned test. It helps student to recognise his knowledge.Its a formal tests taken to ascertain knowledge or ability in a specific subject or how much a student is capable to get the higher qualification. It is considered one of the most effective means of observing the capabilities of students in different academic department.

    Exams Are necessary & mandatory for every students & if the student want any job ,there also they are giving written exam or interview to check the practical knowledge of students & how much they are aware about general things .
    Exams are the way to test our knowledge & if they will not conduct exams ,students will not learn their lessons properly. Exams are important in schools and colleges to find out their skills,knowledge, talents of the students.
    All students are doing study properly to get higher grade in their exams, every student wants highest marks in the exam and for that they are doing hard study to achieve it, without exam they can't express about their knowledge ,they got from school & colleges or from any institute.
    Nowadays ,competitive exams are here to check the general knowledge or what they have learnt from school & their ability to the students.These exams are very helpful for all the students ,their speed of doing study increases with studying the all type of subject in one exams .

    Assessment is one of the vital role for encouraging the students for exams -

    Assessment that students get the grades on the basis of their practical knowledge.what they are learning so if school will take these type of tests at their right time,students will get in touch with the study material and it will increase their skills and knowledge.
    It responses the tests indicate how well students can be judged, recognise, organise and communicate with a proper manner, previous learned concepts.It provoke students to employ higher-order intellectual skills like analysis & awareness of all the things .Formal assessments can be used to establish the mutual understanding that we can show at higher level.It tells their how the student is progressing and the observed by the teacher in imparting knowledge on students.
    Those students who are able to demonstrate their level of preparation and they are able to execute So, a test with some goals like basic knowledge and skills, should contain one goals to assessed.


    Formal examination helps students and teachers in very many ways including to evaluate themselves and their teaching/studying strategies. To overcome the few shortcomings used by its opponents some improvements should be put in place thus making them more amusing as opposed to stressful activity. That way tests will best provide targeted fit-for-purpose opportunity enabling students to demonstrate their level of understanding and mastery of skills. Exams are capable of enhancing learning thereby ensuring the goals of education
    are achieved.Not everyone learn in the same way or can show the comprehend the information in the same way.So for that makes some points as students make notes.Notes are very important ingredient of exams.With the help of this we can do our revision easily.And also we can help others to give them our notes.While making this ,just sit with focus in class & listen what your teacher is trying to teach you then point out some important points in short so that when you are reading this,you will easily understand the point what your teacher was teaching you & what you learn.If you will daily try to make the notes then it will be beneficial for you in exams.

    Start your study with peace of mind -
    Those of you who are in their exam period are slaying there exams -

    * when you are sitting to do the study,Make sure you will complete your task because their are so many distractions around us and one of the main example is mobile .So when you are coming home from house,decide at what time you will do study or you can fix one time for daily so it will be in your routine that i have to do study daily whether it is for half an hour,one hour & more than that
    If you are making schedule for study time,just remind one thing in your mind that hours of day wise schedule should be lower to higher.That means first day your time for doing study should be half hour only & next day you can increase it with little bit mins like 45 min then daily increase your timings for study.This will help in increasing your learning power day by day.

    * Make it a habit.If you turn studying on a daily basis,You won't have to think about starting because you are so used to it.So schedule in a couple of hours of study time and actually study.

    * If you are not in a mood to do study or if you are so confused from where i should start,so you can watch any motivational video,from there you will get inspire & you will be willing to start your study at a right time.

    * Try to make a serious environment like a library or a study session with a motivated friends.You are more likely to start if you see others are doing study around you.

    * If you are struggling with staying motivated to get the work done,plan some nice activities to do in between your study session.Have a rewards for getting your work done and getting out of your study environment in general can be very refreshing and gave you the right amount of motivation to study when you are not going somewhere out.

    * Memory is just an efforts ,how much efforts you are giving for preparation of exams.The process of studying daily should not be skipped .Also keep in mind that every one needs different technique for study because some has fast learning power & some has less than others ,this is memorising. Its okay if your learning power is low ,it can increase by continue studying .This process is very helpful for your exams because if you are doing study on a daily basis then there is no burden at exams time.
    * Follow the technique,that will make you remember the study material as well but in half the amount of time.
    * DO practise daily ,The more you do study, the easier & the faster you will remember your study material.Keep up with the study material,the things with every form of education is that the material you are learning builds on material you have learned this point prior.If you keep up with your study material,the upcoming study material will be easier and the faster to learn.
    * Do repeat the things and then you will get perfection in that.Same like study,Repeating & revision.You can't expect yourself to read the book once and remember everything until the exams.It means you have to go over your study material regularly to freshen up your brain.
    * Memorising takes time and efforts .This process takes place before you remember what you've studied. Take as much time as you need to study & keep all these things in your mind whenever you starts your study.
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