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  • Halloween Kitty Party Food Ideas
    There are many different ideas for Halloween food. check out Halloween Food and Halloween Drinks. Make the food in advance when possible, especially if it's tricky (such as making hands, skulls, etc.)

    * Witches' fingers are fairly simple to make with cookies and almond slices. Think cheese for a brain and mozzarella eyeballs with black and green olives for eyes.

    * As for drinks, a cauldron of punch is pretty mandatory. And if you can get your hands on some dry ice to make it smokey, all the better. A glow-in-the-dark LED light at the bottom of the bowl would make for a nice added touch, too.

    * Coat the edge of drinking glasses using corn syrup dyed with red food coloring, turn right side up and allow mixture to drip down the glasses to serve your creepy concoctions.

    * Don't forget dessert! If you're feeling creative, try making bloody cupcakes or rising zombie cupcakes.
  • Halloween Party Dress Code
    Halloween is a prime opportunity to justify buying the black party dress you have been coveting. A thin polo neck or body worn underneath slips and slinkier designs will help ward off the chill. Apply red colour lipstick and black eye shadows for giving yourself a ghostly look. Carry wigs, scary face masks and fake teeths. Go for black high heels and apply black nailpaint. You can mark some red spots also over your face with red lipstick.
  • Halloween Kitty Party Invitation
    Send out ghoulish halloween kitty party invitations. A Halloween kitty party is the perfect excuse to put your scariest Halloween costume and decorate your haunted party hall. Make your best witches brew and conjure up a spell for fantastically frightening evening. Send horrible invitations through whatsapp or snapchats by using ghosts emoji.

    Gremlins and Goblins and Witches on brooms

    You are invited to party under the moon!

    It’s the Halloween theme kitty party that’ll be such a fright,

    Dancing and eating and music all night!

    You are invited to spook-tacular haunt on 19th april at Royal Club House. Do come in some ghostly dress.
  • Halloween Kitty Party Decoration Ideas
    When it comes to Halloween kitty party decor, you don’t have to spend a small fortune at the stores. Whether you’re entertaining discerning adults or active children, the right ideas can help set the tone and ensure that your kitty party is a huge hit. These halloween kitty party decoration ideas are perfect for giving your hall that spooky touch that it requires. You can make most of the cute crafts on your own, or you can do the activities during the kitty party to help pass the time.

    1. The problem with store-bought pinatas is that they just won’t break. You don’t want to have the kids frustrated and holding a stick, so make your own piñata that’s sure to satisfy. This pumpkin shape is so easy because it works with the natural round balloon shape. The orange pumpkin has a green cupcake liner for a stem, and black and white construction paper give him a face. You can make yours fun or scary depending on the crowd.

    2. If you’re doing some more serious entertaining, then you’ll want to turn your focus to the dining table. Start with a black tablecloth to set the tone, and then round up your orange candles for your crystal holders. Some black dishes set on orange mats will help tie everything together, but you can take it a step further. Use tiny little skulls to hold the name cards, and hold your napkins in place with a creepy, bony hand. Delight your guests with a halloween chalkboard that shows off the delicious menu to come, and you’ll have a table setting that’s sure to delight everyone.

    3. An empty wine bottle filled with orange lights can illuminate any corner of your party hall. Topped off with spiderweb fabric, it will cast spooky shadows on the nearby walls.

    4. Make your own pumpkin patch using balloons. Draw its two eyes and mouth for halloween look.

    5. Solo cups come in all types of colors now, and you can use them for some fun and creepy décor. When they’re decorated and set upside down over an LED tea light to create a cool glowing Halloween party decor.

    6. You can also drape something over the entrance (such as a spooky, spider-ridden cloth).
  • Halloween - Welcome To The Nightmare
    Halloween is more popular than it’s ever been, and not just in America where the holiday (as we think of it) originated. More and more people are getting excited about trick or treating, scary movies, and Halloween kitty parties. For most you Halloween party goers, you’ll be attending a party organised by someone else, and you’ll only have your costume to worry about.
    But what if you’re the one organising the halloween kitty party?
    There are many things that will need your consideration when throwing a Halloween theme kitty party such as music, food, drink, even games.
  • Food Ideas For Pajama Theme Kitty Party
    Go easy on the pajama kitty party food and have everyone join in. Make pizza or salad and enlist some help in baking and decorating the cookies or the cupcakes. Get a lot of fun party snacks to munch on, like chips, pretzels, fruit, and popcorn. Some other munchie and snack ideas include things like meat and cheese platters, fruit and veggie platters, nachos, gourmet popcorn, pretzels and potato chips with dip. And, to wash it all down- mocktails of course! You get all the yummy taste of the real thing without the nasty headaches the next morning.
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