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  • Food Ideas For Kitchen Theme Kitty Party
    You can ask your guests to prepare one dish of their choice from their home. Here is the list of following dishes that can be served for your kitchen theme kitty party.

    1. Kababs - Kababs are a great party food as they are easy to make, offer a variety of recipes, and you can hold the skewer in your hand as you eat.

    2. Chicken Tikka - It is one of the most popular dishes in India, where tender chicken chunks are marinated in special spices (coriander, garam masala, ginger paste) and yogurt and then grilled on skewers.

    3. Steamed Momos - This appetizer from the east Indian state of Sikkim can be filled with any minced meat of your choice; this recipe calls for pork, which is mixed with sauteed onion, garlic, soy sauce, and chili sauce.

    4. Baida Roti - You can sort of think of this dish as the Indian version of French toast; pieces of roti or chapati (which are flatbread) are coated in egg, fried, and rolled up to make this tasty dish.

    5. Samosas - They are consists of crispy pastry filled with mixed vegetables. In this vegetarian recipe, a homemade dough of flour and ghee are formed into cones and filled with potatoes and seasonings before being deep-fried.

    6. Khasta Kachori - Delicious khasta kachori (or khasta kachori) is a popular snack in Northern and Central India. 'Khasta' means 'crispy' and that is exactly what these lentil-filled pastries are.

    7. Vada Pav - These potato patties (vada) in a bun (pav) are a terrific snack to serve your vegetarian guests, but no matter their diet, everyone will be gobbling up these little sandwiches.
  • Dress Code For Kitchen Theme Kitty Party
    You can opt to wear any dress of your choice wether it is jeans or suit, but don't forget to carry white colour approns and chef caps. You can wear fancy flat sandles and carry watch. Adorn yourself with light weighted neck peice and bracelet. Don't use loud make-up.
  • Invitation Ideas For Kitchen Theme Kitty Party
    You must inform your guests well in advance about the theme, venue, dress code and activities taking place in the kitty party. You can send your guests beautiful handmade designed cards containing pictures of fruits and veggies. You can send e-invites also through whatsapp and facebook. You can compose an invitation message with the following lines.


    Hey! My friends get ready to cook, cut the fruits and to enjoy the food at Park Plaza on 18th of april with kitchen theme kitty party. Don't forget to wear chef caps and approns.
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