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  • Navratri - Worship of goddess Durga
    RELIGIOUS occasion

    Navratri ,A goddess occasion is of nine nights and every night,garba makes more happiness in it.The meaning should be very clear if you are really keen to keep the fast. Nava that means nine and Ratri means Nights,nine navratras or devis for whom we do worship.It falls twice or four times a year.
    Goddess Durga is decorated with kumkum, bangles, flowers, and with beautiful bright jewels.
    The starting of navratras always fills the heart of all with happiness & gratitude for all the blessings. During the nine days of navaratra,goddess durga is worshipped in her different avatars.The main part of navratras are fast that is closed by inviting the little girls as a symbol of young devis offering them this special prasad of halwa ,puri & chana.

    Navratra are of different types in different season & the dates of this occasion is according to the Hindu here are the four type of navratras

    Sharada Navaratri: This is the most celebrated among all the four navaratras comes in autumn. In many regions the festival falls after autumn harvest,The festival is celebrated for nine nights.The exact dates of the festival are determined according to the Hindu calendar & sometimes the festival may be held for a week or more than a week depends upon the adjustments of the direction or movements of sun and moon.On last day, which falls on the ninth day of Navaratri after the Good has won over Evil through Durga,for that peace and knowledge is celebrated.

    Vasanta Navaratri: This is the second most celebrated comes in spring. In many regions the festival falls after spring harvest.

    Magha Navaratri: This comes in winter season. This is the fifth day of this festival & comes near near around Vasant Panchami or Basant Panchami.

    Ashada Navaratri: Comes in monsoon season.

    These nine days are dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine Avatars & every day indicates the different symbol of colours .

    Shailaputri -The colour of the day is red which indicates the action.


    Chandraghanta- On this day, Maa Parvati dress is in marriage foam.

    Kushmanda-The colour of the day is Green.

    Skandmata-The colour of the day is grey.Grey is symbolic of the strength of a mother.

    Katyayani- The colour of the day is orange which indicates to kill MAHISHASURA by Durga.

    Kalaratri-The colour of the day is White.The white colour is a symbolises of prayer and peace indicates that the Goddess will protect all from harm.

    Mahagauri-The colour of the day is pink symbolises intelligence and peace.

    Sidhidatri-The colour of the day is light blue colour symbolises an admiration towards the nature's beauty.

    Navaratri is celebrated as in the rest of India .Navaratri is celebrated in different ways throughout the India.Some keep fast,somewhere prepare an act from the story of Rama and Ravana ,characters by the teams of artists.
    Navaratri festival in Gujarat is one of the main festivals & The traditional method includes keeping fasts for a day, or some keep every of the nine days ,in that one stop eating grains,stopped uses of onion & ginger.
    The Navaratri is celebrated as the Durga Puja festival in West Bengal. It is the most important festival for Bengali Hindus and a major social and public event.
    First three days,people worship the goddess Durga. The next three days, goddess Lakshmi is worshipped. Over the last three days, locals prayed the goddess of wisdom.

    Celebration of this occasion must be in a very dynamic way-

    The occasion full of enjoyment by doing the garba every night of navratra's week.So the decoration should be on a big scale like DJ or a big place where all the society people can come & enjoy easily.FOR that what you have to do is -
    Hang some dupattas on the top side and hang colourful umbrella on it ,will give a wonderful look to your place.Hang yellow & orange colour's flower strings at the entry gate .
    Decorate a thali for Aarti with placing of 4-5 divas ,make a face of durga in thali with red colour or gulaal. keep some flowers in that & paste leaves outside the thali.
    place 2-3 matkas on matka's stand,put 1/4 part of 2-3 strings of flowers in matkas & rest of the part let it hang down side & on floor make a round-round with of every string and spread petals of flower,near to that place divas & laddu on small red circle shape carpet with some savasthic sign.Hang 10-20 bells with hanging flower strings.flower strings will look more beautiful on any mirror door or window.

    Traditional while navratras -

    * As you all know that we are celebrating navratras for praying durga. By this you can get the idea that on this occasions we should wear ethnic .special dress for this festival named as chaniya choli. Have a look of these colour combination -
    orange & white printed with same combination dupatta or in that so many colourful chaniya choli & for men colourful kurtas as chaniya choli. So for navratri ,this dress up is fixed because if anyone wants to celebrate the garba nights ,surely they will definitely thing of this here choose some bright colour dress that will look good at night time.


    -Navratri is also a festival for feasting with friends and family.Special foods are prepared through the nine days according to the colours to celebrate Navratri. Navratri is a festival of celebration Indians from different Indian states celebrate the festival differently.
    who says fasting food is very heavy & boring so lets start with this Delicacies such as Sabudana khichdi, fruit chaat, kheer and kuttu ki poori are some of the most popular dishes cooked during the Navratri season.Some people may choose to fast only on the first and the last day of the festive period. Fasting is a way to pay your gratitude to the Goddess.
    ingredients like kuttu atta, singhara atta, fresh vegetables, milk, yogurt and makhanas are preferred as they are light on the stomach and can be digested easily.
    small treat for navratra-

    * Sabudana Khichdi-A light dish made with sabudana, peanuts and mild spices.

    * kuttu ki puri,Aloo tikkis.

    * Some fried potatoes with paneer and tomatoes,melon,barfi and the supportive end is the main part for every fast dishes.

    * kheer with nuts & makhana

    * papdi chart,dahi bhalle,potato fries.

    * paneer padoke with mint( pudina) chatni.

    * Meethi lassi or chaach made with the goodness of yogurt, bananas, honey and walnuts.

    * kuttu ka dosa - A fresh recipe that gives you a break from the usual fried pakoras and puris.

    * Paneer roll with grated paneer, potatoes, sendha namak and spices.

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