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  • Food Ideas For Pajama Theme Kitty Party
    Go easy on the pajama kitty party food and have everyone join in. Make pizza or salad and enlist some help in baking and decorating the cookies or the cupcakes. Get a lot of fun party snacks to munch on, like chips, pretzels, fruit, and popcorn. Some other munchie and snack ideas include things like meat and cheese platters, fruit and veggie platters, nachos, gourmet popcorn, pretzels and potato chips with dip. And, to wash it all down- mocktails of course! You get all the yummy taste of the real thing without the nasty headaches the next morning.
  • Dress Code For Pajama Theme Kitty Party
    So what could you wear for pajama kitty party? It’s very casual, but still, there are some basic rules that you should take into consideration before picking out your outfit. You can wear silk or cotton pajamas that will make you feel comfortable.

    For a simple casual pajama outfit , go for some cotton dresses or two piece sets. Try basic colors if you don’t want to stand out.

    Don’t go overboard with the make-up; it’s a pajama kitty party not a costume kitty party. Put some foundation on, a blush, mascara and focus on lipstick. A bold red color that would make your smile look white. When we are talking about hair, don’t even think of going to the beauty salon. A messy bun a braid or simple ponytail it’s all you need for a casual look. Avoid heels and try some house slippers that look nice or anti slip socks.
  • Invitation Ideas For Pajama Theme Kitty Party
    There are a variety of pajama kitty party invitations available in any local party store. If you want to add a creative twist to the kitty party invitations, you can even customize these invitations or make them yourself by using the free printable clip arts on your computer. The invitations can also be made to look like pillow cases, with a little batting to puff it up, or include graphics of pajamas, nightgowns, or a pillow fight. You can also send online invitations through whatsapp and twitter by using emojis of stars, teddy bear, moon and so on. You can use the following wordings.

    How does a Pajama kitty Party sound?
    Fun, ain’t it?
    Then what are you waiting for…

    You’re invited to super - duper awesome pajama theme kitty party. Please be on time and don’t forget to wear your PJ’s.
  • Decoration Ideas For Pajama Theme Kitty Party
    Although a pajama kitty party need not have elaborate decorations like other kitty parties, you can have the decorations to match the theme of your kitty party. Balloons and streamers are great decorations regardless of the theme of the pajama kitty party. Dim or turn off the main lights and add fairy lights instead to create a cozier atmosphere. String some sparkly twinkle lights around your party hall for a warm, cozy glow.

    The only other decorations you need are floor pillows, cozy throws and gadda or masands spread out on the party hall floor, so your guests can get comfortable for a fun night pajama kitty party.

    You can decorate the walls of party hall with stars and moon. You can use various cutouts and pictures of teddy bears and dolls to be pasted on the walls.
  • Pajama Kitty Party - Life Is Better In Pajamas
    Who doesn't love a fun pajama party? There is nothing like sitting in your flannel trousers and sipping hot chocolate. These pajama parties are a great way to catch up with old time pals and make up for the lost time as well. Pajama parties are the most comfortable parties from others, because of pajama itself. Throwing the pajama theme kitty party would gonna be a great fun and excitement for your guests.

    So in case you are throwing a pajama theme kitty party, here is a list of some great kitty party ideas, complete with tips on invitations, decors and dress code. Not to forget the delicious snacks to munch on of course. As a matter of fact, these kitty parties are the easiest to host. Not only are they inexpensive, they also do not require much planning or preparation. With a bit of quirky variations to your pajama kitty party, you can make it a hit amongst all your guests.
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